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The restaurant “Mio ristorante e caffe” is located in Vracar, a part of Belgrade known for its cultural and historical legacy, near Karadjordjev Park and not far from the Temple of St. Sava and the National Library.

“Mio ristorante e caffe” is conceptually based on Italian food, and it follows global gourmet trends in addition to Italian. Massimo Turano, our “Chef Consultant,” adds an Italian flair to the menu and connects us with Italian suppliers who have not before been present on our market. In addition to top-quality ingredients, which are the heart and soul of every restaurant, there is a carefully selected team of specialists that stand behind every meal.

Culinary masterpieces are one-of-a-kind and are the result of our team’s efforts, and we aim to add quality to them in each section. All our meals are matched with a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. “Modern Neapolitan pizza” is paired with “Smoked MoreMare” (gin tonic) and specially designed cocktails, while burgers are paired with sparkling wines and champagnes. In addition to pizzas and burgers that are unique due to basic ingredients we use… we cannot overlook our “a la carte” menu, which, together with the ambiance and excellent service, is complimented by a well curated wine selection.